Char’s 7-second Website Test

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Is your website an asset or a liability?

It’s disheartening when your website — the digital face of your business — fails to capture the attention it deserves, and when it does capture attention, it doesn’t convert.

You pour your heart and soul into your work. But if your website doesn’t attract enough organic traffic, if it doesn’t load fast, if it doesn’t get your phone to ring, it can feel like all your efforts have go to waste.

We’ve seen countless businesses struggle with the same frustration. We understand the impact it can have on your motivation and bottom line. But those days are behind you. We’re a comprehensive small business web designer, expert SEO and Internet marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona. And we’re here to turn the tide in your favor.


Char’s 7-second Test

We’ve designed a quick and free test to evaluate how well your website is performing from your visitor’s point of view.

Do your website visitors know within seconds if they are in the right place?

Do they know:

  1. What you do?
  2. How you can help them?
  3. What they have to do to get it?
  4. If you are trustworthy?

… all within the first seven seconds of landing on your homepage?

When it comes to website success, first impressions matter. In today’s fast-paced digital world, users expect quick-loading, seamless experiences. Failing to meet these expectations within the first few seconds can have a significant, negative impact on conversion rates.

In our 7-second test, we use a screenshot of your homepage (above the fold) and show it to a group of 50 professionals for seven seconds. We then ask them four questions:

  1. What does this business do?
  2. How do they help people? (or, How can they make someone’s life better?)
  3. What does a person have to do to get it?
  4. Is this business trustworthy?

We will then gather the data, perform a website speed test, check 14 other metrics, and share what we’ve learned with you in a follow-up call.

This call may tell you what you already know, or you might gain some valuable insights into making your website much more productive.

Don’t wait! This is a free, no-obligation test. You can take this information and do anything you like with it.

We invite you to sign up for this professional review by filling out the form below. Once we have performed the tests and gathered the results, we will get in touch with you to schedule a quick 15-20 minute Zoom call. Sound good?

Website Asset or Liability Test Application (Featuring our 7-second Test)

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Char’s 7-second Test & 14-point Evaluation

What we test and evaluate:


  • Review the homepage Clarity Block with Char’s 7-second Test
  • Is the design modern, professional, and less than 3 years old?
  • Is the website mobile-friendly and responsive?
  • Does the homepage load in less than 2 seconds?
  • Is there a blog? How big? Is it keyword-focused? Is it consistently growing? Is it “awesome,” engaging, helpful, cornerstone, etc?
  • Are trust factors displayed?
  • Is the website ADA-compliant?
  • Are there easy-to-find Policies, T&C, and Disclaimers?
  • Is there at least one Lead Magnet with a list-building feature?
  • Is there social proof? Testimonials, Reviews, Case Studies, Success Stories?


  • Quick review of organic local rankings in Google
  • Map Pack, GBP page, double check NAP?
  • Google Reviews: #, sentiment, and freshness
  • Is GA4 installed and Google Search Console set up? 

Is your website as effective as you think?

Fill out the form above and we will perform the tests and reach out to you within about a week with the results.

Why choose Accelerated Web Systems for your Internet Marketing?

✔️ We believe in nuance, alignment, and consistent, relentless work. You are not just a number with us.

✔️ We dive deep into your unique business proposition, your ideal client persona, and your revenue goals.

✔️ We evaluate your current situation in the search engines from many angles to establish a benchmark before we start. Keywords, competition, reviews, Google properties, website speed, and website conversion rates all play a part in a successful SEO campaign.

✔️ We research, strategize, plan, and execute for short and long-term success.

✔️ You can count on our SEO services being comprehensive, clever, creative, and competitive.

✔️ We have been doing SEO for over 17 years and know what it takes to rank!

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