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The Communication Bundle

Charlotte is an amazing designer. She captures your essence and brings it to life through the website. She took our site from drab to magnificent. She is efficient and punctual and delivers what she promises. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommend her for a new or refresh of a site.
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Lead Magnets / Email Marketing / Audience Building

Expand your Communication channels, grow your audience, & get more leads.

Audience-building through Lead Magnets and Email Marketing

A powerful tool for growing your list, building relationships, driving traffic to your website, and generating sales.

Lead Magnets and Email Marketing are the perfect combination for audience-building. Lead Magnets are a great way to capture your ideal customer’s attention, with incentives such as free ebooks, guides and checklists. With Email Marketing, you can create personalized messages to keep your leads engaged and convert them into customers. This powerful combo allows businesses to interact with customers more frequently and build relationships that last. With Lead Magnets and Email marketing, businesses can grow their audience quickly while getting valuable insights such as survey feedback from their leads. It also helps in segmenting customers into different categories for targeted marketing campaigns. Ultimately, Lead Magnets and Email Marketing are an effective way for any business to increase website traffic, generate qualified leads and build relationships with their customers.

Promotional SMS Marketing for Small Business

Achieve Big Results From Small Text Messages.

Promotional SMS Marketing for Small Business is an effective way to reach out to customers and grow your business. This service helps small businesses stay connected with their customers by sending SMS campaigns with custom messages, offers, and discounts. Additionally, it is a cost-effective way to target large groups at once since you can easily track who received the message and its success rate. It also provides valuable insight into customer behaviour and preferences, which can help you better tailor your offerings and make smarter decisions about what works best for your business. Promotional SMS Marketing helps build relationships with existing customers while simultaneously reaching out to new potential ones -all in one go! It’s secure, reliable, and easy to set up and use. With Promotional SMS Marketing for Small Business, you get the tools you need to grow your business quickly and efficiently.

Web Push

Reaching Your Audience – Web Push Notifications

Web Push is a powerful tool for modern businesses. It allows them to send real-time notifications directly to customers’ browsers so they can be alerted to new products, promotional offers, and more. Web Push takes advantage of powerful push technology so notifications are sent even when customers aren’t actively using their browsers. This helps keep users engaged with a business’s content and increases the chances of conversion. Finally, Web Push provides an exceptionally high delivery rate compared to other notification methods, ensuring that customers never miss important updates from their favorite brands.

The Communication Bundle is a Key part of our Client Acquisition System

Our proven Client Acquisition Systems (CAS) are websites with all the features you need to INCREASE your conversion rate and GROW your business. Have questions? Schedule a 15-minute Introductory Call today!

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