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Maintenance Plans

Char, you created the ultimate website for us. It is far beyond anything we could have imagined. It is so easy to navigate that even computer dummies like us don’t get lost. The site is gorgeous too. So tasteful and clean. We could not be more pleased with your artistry not to mention the joy it is to work with you.

-- Elizabeth S.

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Peace-of-Mind Maintenance Plans for your Small Business Website

Keeping your WordPress website maintained

Maintaining a WordPress website is essential for any business or organization to ensure their site is running smoothly and efficiently.

Keeping your WordPress website maintained with regular updates and security measures can benefit your customers by providing them with an optimized website experience. This includes updates to the latest version of WordPress, plugin and theme updates, PHP versions, form tests, user review, as well as daily backups of your site’s data. Regular maintenance also allows you to identify potential security vulnerabilities before they become a problem and take corrective action quickly. All of these features ensure that your website is functioning optimally, providing your customers with a great user experience and giving them peace-of-mind knowing that their information is secure. With regular maintenance, you can protect your customers’ data and keep your WordPress site running without issue.

Customer Support

Get the support you need for your website.

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most reliable support services for all of your website needs. Whether you have questions about how to make changes to your website or need help troubleshooting an issue, we are here for you. We provide personalized technical and design support so you can get the most out of your website experience with Accelerated Web Systems.

The Maintenance and Business Support Plans are a Key part of our Client Acquisition System

Our proven Client Acquisition Systems (CAS) are websites with all the features you need to INCREASE your conversion rate and GROW your business. Have questions? Schedule a 20-minute Introductory Call today!

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