The answer to any SEO-related question is…

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The answer to any SEO-related question is…

You guessed it ⬇️

It depends.

Every keyword phrase has its own competitive landscape.

For example, all these variations of “Phoenix Web Design” have their own unique data:

→ Phoenix web design
→ Web design Phoenix
→ Phoenix AZ web design
→ Phoenix Arizona web design
→ Web design Phoenix AZ
→ Web design Phoenix Arizona

Change the “web” design examples to “website” design.

Change “design” to development.

Add qualifiers such as company, business, expert, professional, agency, help, etc…

Then, change the location.

The data will tell you:

  • How many people type each keyword phrase into Google per month
  • How competitive the phrase is (its difficulty level)
  • How much people are paying to rank for this phrase

This data will give you a general idea of what it’s going to take to rank for each phrase, allowing you to make informed decisions as you create your online marketing collateral—your website and digital marketing ecosystem.

This is just the basics.

Now, you have to analyze the competition.

How long have they been ranking in the search engines?

What kind of content is ranking?

How much content on their website is ranking per phrase? Is it a sentence, paragraph, post, page, a topic cluster, or the whole website?

How fresh is their content?

How big is their website?

Is it growing? How fast?

What is their backlink profile?

How fast is their website?

How consistent is their omnichannel branding?

What is their online reputation?

Etcetera, etcetera…

So, after all this crucial(!) research is done, the SEO questions that will be answered are:

What will it take to bump your competitors and get their business?

How much.
How fast.
How long.

It’s all relative, and it’s a moving target.

What does this mean for you?

If your future clients are using Google to find your products and services, then investing in ongoing SEO is a smart choice and can have a very high ROI.

And, best of all, this work compounds over time, and the benefits can last for years.

It can elevate your authority and skyrocket your revenue if you understand the long game.

Let’s explore SEO for your business ⇒

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