ADA Compliant Websites in the News

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Website ADA Compliancy in the News


Protect your business from lawsuits, comply with legislation, open up your business website to everyone, and boost your brand perception.

It’s the right thing to do… in so many ways. Show you care and get ADA-Compliant Today!

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ADA Tax Credit for Small Business

Contact us to see if your business qualifies for the ADA Small Business Tax Credit (up to $5000/year).

Window to the Law: ADA and Website Accessibility Update

Businesses ‘Sitting Ducks’ for Lawsuits Because Websites aren’t ADA Compliant

ADA Lawsuits Target Non-compliant FL Websites

Growing Number of Lawsuits Over ADA Website Accessibility

ADA-Compliant Website Design is a key part of our Protection Bundle. Click here to learn more here or:

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