What Your Website Needs is an Audience

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Your website will not work without an audience.

Call it traffic, viewers, eyeballs… Humans have to find their way to your website, read what you have to say, see how you are presenting your offer, and decide to do business with you.

A successful website is a website that converts.

A successful website makes you money. This might be in the form of quality leads or the direct sale of goods and services.

You can’t really tell if your website converts if you don’t have a decent-sized audience.

Here are two examples –

Problem 1: You have a website and no traffic.


  • Research optimal keyword phrases and study (spy on) the competition.
  • Optimize your website based on your research. This is called on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Explore off-site SEO strategies (guest posting, press releases, etc.)
  • Implement a content-building strategy (usually a blog) to get traffic.
  • Get traffic from social media accounts.
  • Paid Ads

Problem 2: You have a website and traffic but no sales.


  • Review your stats and see what pages are generating traffic.
  • Review your keyword data to see if your web pages are being seen by the right people (those with “buying” intentions).
  • Study your website and re-evaluate what your pages say, how fast the pages load, how the pages look, and where the calls to action are.
  • Consider changing prices (up or down) if applicable.
  • Make changes and track the results.

This is called Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO.

Having a website is only the first step to finding success online. To truly get the most out of your website, you need visitors, and you need to make their visits count.

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