What Does an SEO Plan Actually Look Like?

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What does an SEO Plan actually look like?


Identify ideal clients and their issues/desires.

Research keywords.

Analyze competition.

Choose best-fit keyword phrases (based on search intent, volume, and attainability).

Review, optimize, update, and improve current website. Prove that it converts (!).

Make sure you have a lead-magnet that collects emails from visitors.

Create an SEO Content Calendar.

Write and publish awesome SEO content consistently.

Repurpose content.

Get Citations and Backlinks.

Then, watch stats.

Observe movement in the search engines.

Big leaps can be made in Google from the abyss (your website is nowhere) to showing up in the top 100.

Then, the goal is to get you to page 2.

Then, to page 1.

Then, to the top 3 positions. This is when you will actually see a return.

Then, to position 1.

Then, to more locations on page 1, such as the map pack, videos, images, PAA, and additional organic listings.


Repeat the process with all keywords.

This is ongoing work and should be part of your annual marketing budget.

This work is an investment in your business, and the daily, weekly, and monthly efforts compound over time.

Momentum builds and you establish authority. You then become harder to bump.

Each page 1 ranking is an asset. You want to collect and retain a lot of these assets.

How long does it take?

Every keyword phrase has a different competitive landscape. You can rank for some long-tail phrases within a week, others may take years.

Some markets are saturated.

That’s why we do research first, so you can make decisions based on data and have realistic expectations.

To me, SEO is fun. It rewards the creative, clever, consistent, competitive, patient, slightly obsessive type of business owner.

Interested in learning more about SEO and if it is a good fit for your business?

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