SEO and the Buyer’s Journey

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Search Engine Optimization is all about matching your website with your ideal clients/customers and understanding where they are in the Buyer’s Journey.

It is also about managing expectations.

For example:

The competition in the funnel graphic is fierce at every level.

So, analyzing the competitive landscape for EACH PHRASE to assess vulnerabilities and opportunities is crucial when developing your SEO strategy.

You need to know WHAT it is going to take to rank for each keyword phrase:

→ How much time
→ How much money
→ How much energy

It doesn’t matter if you are a local mom-and-pop, an SMB, or a national brand.

The SEO mechanics are essentially the same.

What differs is the amount and intensity of the work.

Going back to the graphic in this post:

Top of Funnel = Broad keywords (1-2 words), highest traffic, low to zero conversions, saturated markets. People are at the beginning of the Buyer’s Journey.

Middle of Funnel = Longer phrases (3-4 words), reduced traffic, low conversions. People are still “just looking” and refining their search, gathering information.

Bottom of Funnel = Long-tail keyword phrases have an acquisition vibe. Lowest traffic, highest conversions. These are the “money” phrases.

SEO Research and Competitive Intelligence provide the data you need to understand what it is realistically going to take to achieve results.

This data should inform all the content decisions on your website and online campaigns.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey, leveraging Competitive Intelligence, and effectively Managing Expectations are pivotal in crafting successful SEO strategies with a high ROI.

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