Can Your Website Help Protect Your Business?

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Is your website putting your business at risk?

Explore ways to protect your time, business, and sanity with these Pro (CYA 😉) Features:

#1 ADA Compliance

#2 Legal Pages

#3 The Cookie Box

#4 Copyright issues

At Accelerated Web Systems, we call these Protection Services “Invisible Assets” because they don’t seem to directly drive traffic, leads, and sales. But we believe they do and can significantly increase the conversion rates of your website.

#1 ADA opens the door to business. Compliant websites assist people with disabilities browse and make purchases from your website. They can become leads and clients. They are people (obviously!). Why wouldn’t you welcome their business? An ADA-compliant website shows you care. It is an instant credibility boost to your brand. It is also the law.  You can be fined and sued for not having an ADA-compliant website. Who needs that headache?

#2 Your Legal or “Fine Print” pages can prevent misunderstandings with your website users and customers. They can prevent wasted time, refunds, disputes, fines, sanctions, and lawsuits. Having up-to-date legal pages protects your business. It’s that simple. Keep in mind, the laws regarding Privacy and GDPR are always changing. Your “set it and forget” Fine Print pages may no longer be accurate and may be leaving out new laws, increasing your risk.

#3 The Cookie Preference Policies box: When visitors land on your website and they see the cookies pop-up, it immediately adds a sense of prestige and professionalism. It demonstrates that your business prioritizes data privacy and is dedicated to safeguarding their information. This is a major Trust and Credibility factor that can increase the ROI of your website.

#4 Watch out for copyright infringement issues on your website and all your accounts online and in your business. Make sure your content is not plagiarized. Make sure you can prove you have the right to use every image on your website. If you are using images, videos, graphics, or anything that you did not produce or pay for yourself, you will get sued. It’s just a matter of time.

These website features demonstrate that your business:

Is Credible
Is Trustworthy
Is Inclusive
Values Transparency
Respects its customers

Has your web designer/developer discussed these issues with you?

If you need a professional website review and are thinking about updating/upgrading your internet presence, get in touch!

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